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About The Slammer Tour

Founded in 1997 and headquartered in the Ottawa-Gatineau region of Canada's capital, the Slammer Tour is a league for golfers of all skill-levels, from beginner to pro. It's a match-play league with daily events at different courses, and players are grouped by division to promote fair competition.

Match-Play Golf

Match-play is a unique format where players either win, lose or tie each hole until one competitor wins more holes than are left to play, in which case that golfer wins the match.

Skill Divisions

Each division has a leaderboard and the goal is to climb the ladder in your division by beating those above you. If you're #10 in the B Division, for example, and you win a match against the #1B, then you become the new #1B and your opponent becomes #2B. Divisions include Open, A, B, C and D, based on skill-level, regardless of gender.

Daily Events

The Tour has a constantly-updated schedule of events and all you have to do is pick when and where you want to play and sign up. Matches and groupings are organized automatically, based on who is in the event, registration time, player divisional ranks and player selections.

All you need to be a good fit for the Slammer Tour is a good attitude, a willingness to learn, a bit of a competitive streak and a love of the game.

"The Slammer Tour is a great way to get a semi-competitive game against other players, which most non-private club members can participate in. It's the best run, most organized golf group we deal with at Manderley and we love the atmosphere they bring to the course and after the round.”

No membership needed, just pay as you play...

You just pay an event fee whenever you play, and every Slammer has a chance to win in our optional skins and par-three doggie games.

Contact if you have any questions, or reach out on Messenger.