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Slammer Tour Contacts

The Slammer Tour relies on awesome volunteers to help keep things organized. If you have a question related to any of the roles below please contact that individual Slammer.

If you have some extra time and are willing to help out with any of these roles, please let us know.

Tour Management

Andy Rajhathy (Malone)
Andy Rajhathy (Malone)

VP & PGA of Canada Class A Professional

Andy Rajhathy (Malone)
Andy Rajhathy (Malone)

Ottawa Chapter Director

Luci Leblanc
Luci Leblanc (Juice)

Ottawa Chapter, Assistant Director

Onsite Coordinators (OCs): L2

Luci Leblanc (Juice)
Luci Leblanc (Juice)
Bob Kunimoto
Bob Kunimoto (KidsClub)
Lisa Muise
Lisa Muise (IronMaiden)
Danny Sirois
Danny Sirois (KidMoe)
Jacques Heroux
Jacques Heroux (Cobra)
Brian Kebic (Lucky)
Brian Kebic (Lucky)
Steve Liakos
Steve Liakos (Mulder)

Onsite Coordinators (OCs): L1

  • Andy McWilliams (Macdahustla)
  • Bob Pepin (Pepilepu)
  • Calvin Turner (Nivlac)
  • Chad Moran (Chadderbox)
  • Cheryl Hill (chill)
  • Claude Drouin (HELFM)
  • Denis Blais (FingZ)
  • Eric Smith (Smitty)
  • Gabe Rajhathy (Papa Malone)
  • Ian Arsenault (ShortStack)
  • Jerry Goodwin (Nuttzz)
  • Marc Boutin (HighTee)
  • Shari Johnson (Dr. Pepper)
  • Steve Pommeroy (Pommie)
  • Ted Charlton (The Enigma)
  • Tim Schobert (Bookie)
  • Travis Lyndon (The Game)

Tour Helpers — required for each event

  • Doggie Master
  • Skin Master
  • App Scorer (one per group)
  • Card Scorer (one per group)
  • Photo Master

Tour Helpers — overall

ClubEG if you have any questions, or reach out on Messenger.