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Your first Tour event is on the house!

The Slammer Tour is a fun and competitive match-play league for golfers of all skill levels, and as an incentive to get you to try us out, your first regular Tour event is absolutely free. We're betting you'll love it and will come back for more. That said, you're under no obligation whatsoever and you can play as often or as little as you like.

The Slammer Tour

What's a "regular" Tour event?

We have regular events every day at different golf courses throughout the region — but we also have special events which tend to include meals and other goodies, so regular simply means standard Tour events. Have a look at the schedule and you'll see what we mean.

Exclusions. This free first event offer does not apply to the following special events:

The Slammer Tour

What now?

Click the Join button to sign up and we'll set up your account, usually within 24-hours, and once you recieve confirmation you can sign up for an event and play.

Key benefits of joining the Slammer Tour

  • Daily events all over the region
  • Play as often or as little as you like
  • Play with others of similar skill-level
  • Everything is totally organized for you — just show up and play
  • Discover new golf courses
  • Make new golf buddies
  • Participate in special events
  • Play 10 events in your rookie season and you'll get a complimentary entry into the Ottawa Sun Scramble

See you on Tour!

Contact if you have any questions, or reach out on Messenger.