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Play Slammer Tour golf — anywhere in the world

The Slammer Tour offers a modern and unique approach to competitive match-play golf, and any golfer, anywhere in the world, can use the Tour's systems and format to run events of their own.

How it works

Say you regularly play golf with your buddies in Philadelphia, Hong Kong, or anywhere, you can use our scoring app and event management tools to organize your events — the features of which include the following:

  • Online registration / management
  • Event summaries
  • Live, online scoring
  • Automated ranking and skill division management
  • Player profiles
  • Extensive stats
  • So much more

What now?

All that's required for you to set up an event is an ability to recruit 12-24 golfers, then we will walk you through the basic format and rules and the process of setting up, managing and publishing your event results, and that's all there is to it.

You manage your local golf course bookings, payments and player recruiting, and our system will manage your event. It's fun and easy and if you want to give it a try, it's completely free to use the Slammer Tour system for your first 10 events, after which we'll negotiate an arrangement to further develop the Tour in your area.

Reach out on Messenger or contact if you have any questions.