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Tee Block Assignments

Tee Block Assignments (T0 to T7) are based on driving distance and skill division with the goal of ensuring members play from the right tee blocks for their type of game.

Below is a matrix used as a guideline to determine each Slammer's Tee Block Assignment — which are mapped to each individual golf course.

Slammer Tour Tee Block Assignments

Dist* represents a player's typical distance after a good drive is hit under normal conditions.

Tee Block Assignment FAQ – June 9th, 2018

How is driver distance calculated?

Driver distance is one’s average good drive in normal conditions. It will always be an approximation, but with GPS, lasers and lots of opinions we come up with a pretty good estimate for each person. Ultimately, Slammer Tour management takes in as much evidence as possible and determines driver distance for each Slammer.

Shouldn’t competition be from the same conditions?

For big tournaments, we agree that everyone should play under the same conditions to determine the true winner. Slammer Tour matches are a different type of competition. Some members play 80 or more rounds per year on the Slammer Tour so it is important for their enjoyment of the game to make sure they are on the right tee blocks for their skill and distance abilities. A golfer should be physically able to hit most par fours in regulation with a mid to short iron.

How can you have a fair competition with people from different tee blocks?

The Slammer Tour has done this since day one as a way to increase the number of close matches. And throughout the golf world, this is very common. Two people with similar scoring medians play against each other all the time from different tee boxes and have great matches.

Is it possible that I could have a match with someone who is in my division but they play a shorter tee block than me?

Yes. To set up a good match, the biggest factor is to play others in your own division. If you are both in the same division then chances are you will have a good match regardless of what tee blocks you are both on. For example if two people are in C division and one has a driver distance of 235 (T5) and the other person is 190 (T3) then chances are they will have a close match.

If I think my tee block assignment should be changed, how do I proceed?

Send a review request to ‘Slammer Tour’ on Messenger or email with details of how far you hit your clubs. We will review the information you provide and check with a few others who know your game fairly well and then get back to you asap with our decision.

If I think someone else's tee block assignment should be changed, how do I proceed?

Same as above; let us know your concerns.

How do I know what my tee box should be?

The Tee Block Assignment matrix is used as a guideline to help determine each person’s tee block. Every Slammer’s tee block assignment is shown in their profile along with their driver distance. Only Slammer Tour management can change these.

How do golf course tee blocks work into this system?

Ideally each golf course has seven tee blocks. Some do, some don’t. We will be pushing courses to get seven blocks in play, all with about 300-400 yard gaps so even if someone is in a grey area, it won’t be that big of a difference. Check the Course Tee Block Assignments document to see mapping of tee block assignments to actual tee blocks for each course.

Contact if you have any questions, or reach out on Messenger.