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The Brockville Challenge

12 Slammers take on Team Brockville in a Ryder Cup style event at the Brockville Country Club.

The Brockville Challenge

July 26, 2020

Brockville Country Club has accepted our annual challenge where 12 Slammers head south to take on 12 of their best — in multiple divisions — in a match-play format team challenge.

Brockville Country Club

Division breakdown of how the team is made up:

  • 4 Open players (this can be anyone... me, you or Tiger Woods)
  • 4 B players with 85+ scoring medians
  • 2 C players with 92+ scoring medians
  • 2 D players with 100+ scoring medians

Qualifying information

  • Send an email to to indicate your interest in joining the team
  • We will communicate the details of qualifying each year via email


  • Match play
  • Two points for a win, one point for a tie
  • Team with most total points wins
  • Regular Slammer Tour rules and procedures
  • Optional doggies and skins


  • Fees will be communicated via email

Brockville Challenge History: Winning Team

Contact if you have any questions, or reach out on Messenger.