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Canadian Birdie Leaders

Birdies are arguably any golfer's top goal, aces and hole-in-ones aside, because a birdie says that you beat the hole.

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Scott Turner (Ali G)

Scott Turner (Ali G) is the 2018 D Division Birdie Leader (8)

2nd: Jim Backs (Grumpy), 7; 3rd: Cathy Turner (Gatorette), 6

Rick Turner (Gator)

Rick Turner (Gator) is the 2018 C Division Birdie Leader (25)

2nd: Michael Moyneur (Cracker), 22; 3rd: Bruce Turner (Buster-T), 15

Cheryl Hill (chill)

Cheryl Hill (chill) is the 2018 B Division Birdie Leader (25)

2nd: Bob Kunimoto (KidsClub), 21; 3rd: Greg MacLean (Green Arrow), 19

Luci Leblanc (Juice)

Luci Leblanc (Juice) is the 2018 A Division Birdie Leader (66)

2nd: Peter Tremblay (T-bird), 47; 3rd: Andy McWilliams (Macdahustla), 46

Allen McGee (McGoop)

Allen McGee (McGoop) is the 2018 Open Division Birdie Leader (91)

2nd: Andy Rajhathy (Malone), 38; 3rd: Craig Domville (Chef), 20

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