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Andrew Smith Insurance Doggie Champs

Honouring those sharpshooters who made the most doggies in their division throughout the season.

Thanks to Andrew Smith Insurance for his support of this award.

Andrew Smith Insurance Doggie Champs

2019 Andrew Smith Insurance Doggie Champs (per round average)

Open: Andy Rajhathy (Malone), 0.58; A: Mike Therien (Sunny), 0.6; B: Bob Pepin (Pepilepu), 0.6; C: Greg Rogers (BearCat), 0.42; D: David O'Connor (Panda), 0.33

Jim Backs (Grumpy)

Jim Backs (Grumpy): 2018 D1 (7 Doggies)

D2 (5): Cathy Turner (Gatorette); D3 (4): Scott Turner (Ali G)

Rick Turner (Gator)

Rick Turner (Gator): 2018 C1 (27 Doggies)

C2 (15): Michael Moyneur (Cracker); C3 (14): Tim Schobert (Bookie)

Bob Kunimoto (KidsClub)

Bob Kunimoto (KidsClub): 2018 B1 (32 Doggies)

B2 (25): Cheryl Hill (chill); B3 (17): Jacques Heroux (Cobra)

Luci Leblanc (Juice)

Luci Leblanc (Juice): 2018 A1 (54 Doggies)

A2 (21): Andy McWilliams (Macdahustla); A3 (20): Don Miller (McDon)

Allen McGee (McGoop)

Allen McGee (McGoop): 2018 O1 (15 Doggies)

O2 (8): Craig Domville (Chef); O3 (6): Andy Rajhathy

Andrew Smith Insurance Doggie History

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