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Stirling Points Leaders

Regardless of skill division, Slammers earn points throughout the season for match wins and ties, doggies, skins and for volunteering at Tour events.

Thanks to RemaxMan and the Ian Stirling Home Team for their support of this award.

Ian Stirling Home Team

Ian Stirling Home Team

Stirling Points Leaderboard

Brian Kebic (Lucky)

Brian Kebic (Lucky) is the 2019 Stirling Points Champ (295)

2nd: Lindsay Pasch (Iron Giant), 265; 3rd: Jerry Goodwin (Nuttzz), 264; 4th: Rick Turner (Gator), 262; 5th: Cathy Turner (Gatorette), 258; T6: Michael Moyneur (Cracker), 248; T6: Don Miller (McDon), 248; 8th: Eden Windish (auldphart), 244; 9th: Bob Pepin (Pepilepu), 233; 10th: Luci Leblanc (Juice), 223

Rick Turner (Gator)

Rick Turner (Gator) is the 2018 Stirling Points Leader (238)

2nd: Luci Leblanc (Juice), 248; 3rd: Michael Moyneur (Cracker), 180; 4th: Andy McWilliams (Macdahustla), 152; 5th: Bob Kunimoto (KidsClub), 149; 6th: Don Miller (McDon), 133; 7th: Greg McLean (Green Arrow), 130; 8th: Allen McGee (McGoop), 123

Stirling Points History

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