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The Preston Cup

Your Slammer Of The Year, as voted on by Tour members.

Golf is about sportsmanship, self-improvement and attitude and that's why the top Slammie is chosen by fellow Slammers, as opposed to the stats alone. The Preston Cup is awarded at the season-end Slammies, the Tour's official awards ceremony.

The Preston Cup

The Preston Cup

The Preston Cup

Haider Abbas (Duke) is the 2021 Slammer Of The Year

Haider Abbas (Duke)

Bob Pepin (Pepilepu) is the 2020 Slammer Of The Year

Bob Pepin (Pepilepu)

Jerry Goodwin (Nuttzz) is the 2019 Slammer Of The Year

Jerry Goodwin (Nuttzz)

Rick Turner (Gator) is the 2018 Slammer Of The Year

Rick Turner (Gator)

Special thanks to Bill (Billiards) and Carole (WSM) Ryan for their generous support of golf's most prestigious honour.

The Preston Cup was named after the Ryan family's dog, Preston. While he wasn't the best-looking, nor the best-smelling nor was he the friendliest dog around, he was fun and tremendously personable — and those are the traits of the Slammer of the Year. Remember, the Slammer of the Year is voted on by your peers, so work your magic and make some allies.

Preston Cup History

2019: Nuttzz

2018: Gator

2017: Juice

2016: Mulder

2015: Grumpy

2014: Juice

2013: Gator

2012: IronMaiden

2011: PizzaMan

2010: KaDaver

2009: Grumpy

2008: IronMaiden

2007: KidsClub

2006: Boomer

2005: Ticklar

2004: Stevie Ray

2003: Chilly

2002: Ripzone

2001: Rulz

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