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Bud Light Top-Ranked Slammers

Honouring those who battled to the top of their division by the end of the season.

The Slammer Tour doesn't use handicaps. Instead, we have five skill divisions and encourage competition within a player's division in order to promote quality matches.

2019 Top-Ranked Slammers Bud Light

2019 Bud Light Cup Champions

Open: Andy Rajhathy (Malone); A: Don Miller (McDon); B: Johnny Davies (Steel Crazy); C: Rodney Pucci (Poochie); D: Dennis Blackie (Bubba)

Scott Turner (Ali G)

Scott Turner (Ali G): 2018 #1 D

D2: Cathy Turner (Gatorette); D3: Bala Balanaser (Seeker); D4: Jennifer Abbott (Katniss)

Rick Turner (Gator)

Rick Turner (Gator): 2018 #1 C

C2: Tim Schobert (Bookie); C3: Brian Bonner (Boomer); C4: Ted Charlton (The Enigma)

Brian Kebic (Lucky)

Brian Kebic (Lucky): 2018 #1 B

B2: Lindsay Pasch (Iron Giant); B3: Travis Lyndon (The Game); B4: Jacques Heroux (Cobra)

Luci Leblanc (Juice)

Luci Leblanc (Juice): 2018 #1 A

A2: Jamie Ryan (Rulz); A3: Marc Boutin (HighTee); A4: Andy McWilliams (Macdahustla)

Craig Domville (Chef)

Craig Domville (Chef): 2018 #1 Open

O2: Andy Rajhathy (Malone); O3: Cory Roque (Rockstar); O4: Allen McGee (McGoop)

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