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The Ottawa Sun Rookie Of The Year

New Slammers with 10-events are eligible for this monumental commendation.

We love rookies and are grateful to have our friends at the Ottawa Sun sponsor this annual award to honour the Tour's newest Slammer who most exemplifies sportsmanship, participation, golf achievement and a positive attitude.

Rookie & Vet Milestones

Ottawa Sun Rookie Of The Year

Milestone Rewards

Line Montreuil-Daigle (Carrot Top)

Line Montreuil-Daigle (Carrot Top) is the 2020 Ottawa Sun Rookie Of The Year

2020 Nominees: Mega, LannyK, Trix, CardGuy, Army, Mowgli & Bagpipes

Danny Sirois (KidMoe)

Danny Sirois (KidMoe) is the 2019 Ottawa Sun Rookie Of The Year

2019 Nominees: Nuttzz, KMac, Smiley, TNT, CheckPoint, RemaxMan, BBall, Will, Tigger, Hodgy, Bogie, Irony & Spicy P

Jacques Heroux (Cobra)

Jacques Heroux (Cobra) is the 2018 Ottawa Sun Rookie Of The Year

Thanks to the Ottawa Sun for their ongoing support of the Slammer Tour!

The Ottawa Sun Rookie of the Year is not only a champion, but now an ambassador for the Slammer Tour, and this top honour is awarded at the season-end Slammies, the Tour's official awards ceremony.

Ottawa Sun Rookie Of The Year History

2018: Cobra

2017: Macdahustla

2016: GoofBall

2015: Habib

2014: FingZ

2013: GoTee

2012: Gator

2011: Popeye

2010: Blue

2009: Cuba

2008: PinSeeker

2007: Malone

2006: MadMax

2005: Kricket

2004: Ticklar

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